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copy of PINK TOURMALINE necklace

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TOURMALINE restores balance and erases feelings of stress and anxiety. Its main property is to reconnect the one who uses it to Earth and dissipate the negative waves around it. According to a principle of verticality, energies start from the top and go down, towards the regenerating ground. It is used to eliminate electromagnetic pollution from wifi, computers, television. It cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration. It is an anchor stone that forms a protective fortress against all negative external influences. It removes blockages and highlights solutions to specific problems. On the physical level, it reduces respiratory disorders related to allergies and skin diseases. It is the stone par excellence to fight against the electromagnetic waves at the origin of many unknown affections. It is effective against a large number of sufferings such as muscular pains and arthritis. It stimulates the blood and brain systems

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copy of PINK TOURMALINE necklace

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